Thursday, December 31, 2009

Landon can sit up!

We knew he was advanced.

all by himself.

too cute!

I forgot to mention he wore his first pair of jeans and shoes to his doctor's appointment ...

Click here to view some more pictures! You know we take plenty!

Landon's Stats!

Landon had his 2 month doctor appointment. Poor guy had to get 3 shots and he DID NOT like them! He got so mad that he stopped breathing for about 2 seconds. Poor little man! Doctor said he's doing well though and things are looking good! :)

Landon's stats:
67% head
18% height
46% weight, 11 and 1/2 lbs at 2 months old!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Landon's First Christmas! and 2 month pictures!

We took some pictures of Landon on his 2 month birthday in his crib...we'll try to remember to take a picture each month to show how he grows. Here are a few of the first pictures...

the famous lip. he's gonna learn to work that i just know it.

The other day Landon fought it when he was really tired and when he finally fell asleep this is what he looked like ...

haha poor little guy - he kicked his sock off and all of his covers and then just passed out.

If you remember a while back ...the job interview picture...well we took another one today. here they are to compare...ha!

You can also click here to view some more pictures of the little man.

We went to the Gibsonville/McLeansville area for Christmas this year. We took Haley with us. Had to take 2 cars to make the trip with everything but it was worth it in order to be around family for the holidays. Click here to view pictures of Landon's First Christmas. He is certainly a loved little guy!

one of my favorite pictures!!

the campbell famliy! :)

Landon and Mommy

Landon and Daddy

Granny's Grandchildren and Great Grandchild :) (and granddoggies)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Collage of Landon!

I put these together while being stuck inside because of the snow :)

Our little man

See how much he's changed in just 8 weeks?! Older pictures on the left...newer on the right.

You know you can always click on the pictures to make them bigger.

Landon smiling at daddy!

Here is a video of Landon 'talking' and smiling at daddy - too cute!

More Pictures and SNOW!! :)

Landon was 8 weeks on Thursday. What better way to celebrate than his first snow?! We got about 7 inches of snow here in Lewisville! Here are a few pictures of the snow!

Daddy and the little polar bear in Landon's first snow!

Mommy and Landon

7 inches!

Our little Polar Bear :)

He's doing pretty well these days. He has more good days than bad but he does have a few bad! He generally still goes 4 hours between feedings at night but he has went 6 hours once and last night he actually went for 7 and 1/2 hours!! I'm so proud of him...but don't expect it to happen again every night (although that would be lovely!) Here are some more pictures of the little man growing up!

He loves his Mommy.

He sure is growing up! Smiling so much more...especially at mommy and daddy...and you know we're eating that up! :)

I know i'm cute.

all smiles!

Monday, December 14, 2009

First Scare!

We had our first scare and survived! Landon had been fussy and we couldn't figure out why. Then when I went to change his diaper, I saw hair wrapped around his middle toe and second to last toe. I tried to pull it off and it only got tighter. I started to freaked a little at first because it seemed impossible to get it off. We both kept working on getting the hair off and his little toe just got more red. I was ready to go right to the ER but good thing Chad was there and he was the calm one. We were pretty sure we got it but it was still really hard to tell because of the way the hair cut into his little toe.

We goggled 'hair wrapped around baby's toe' and discovered there is actually a medical name for it ...'
baby toe tourniquet'. One of the suggestions a doc had made was to soak the toes in nair. We did that just to make sure we got the hair. His little toe never turned purple and it's looking a lot better now but it was scary!

Sometimes the babies have to be taken to the hospital and the doctor has to cut into their little toe to release the hair! Wow!

Here's a picture of the little man's toes the next morning...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Go here to view a video of Landon playing and 'talking' a little!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! :)

We started decorating for Christmas! Landon loves looking at the lights...any kind of lights. He's amazed by them! He's growing up so fast!! He 'talks' to us now and it's sooo cute! He even laughed the other day while laying on his play gym 'talking' to daddy. He's a lot more alert now and really follows you with his eyes and smiles at you a lot more. It's so sweet.

He's getting a little baby acne on his adorable little face - but he's still cute as can be. He's starting to sleep a little better at night but still has to wake up to eat at least once.

crazy hair!

Go here to look at some more pictures!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Thanksgiving!

Landon spent his first Thanksgiving at Granny's! He went dressed for the occasion...

Here are a few more bath pictures - we discovered some curly hair!

Go here to view the rest of the pictures!

Monday, November 23, 2009

More Pictures!

Go here to look at a few more pictures that we've taken during the first month of Landon's life. The pictures of Haley and Landon are a little blurry but I still thought they were adorable!

Family Photos!

Today we went and got some family photos done for the holidays. I also wanted 1 month photos done of Landon. I can't believe he's already a month old!! He was asleep for most of the time during the pictures but woke up for a few and even gave us a smile or two!

Family Photo!

Our sleepy little present.


this is so Landon.

cute feet!


there's that smile!

awwww crazy hair ...haha

Go here to look at all the pictures!

We also started a nighttime routine with him and he's starting to do better at night. He's beginning to learn the difference between day and night - finally! :) He'll go 4 hours between feedings a lot of the time now and that is really nice!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Landon Update!

Sorry it's been a while. The little guy has been keeping us busy! He's still struggling with his days and nights. During the daytime he's an angel but at night it's like he turns into a different child! I still think he's as cute as ever, even when he's upset and fussy.

We gave him his first bottle and he did pretty good with it. We had to use a certain kind of bottle (not the ones I originally wanted to use), but once we figured that out we were good to go. We were also able to get him to finally take a paci, but this of course also had to be a newborn paci like the hospital used. He seems to be a picky little guy, but that's okay ...he's worth it.

His little belly button came off and so we gave him his first bath! He didn't really like it at first but then after he felt the warm water I think he started to think it was nice.

Go here to look at some pictures! For some reason blogger won't let me upload any pictures on here right now.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Landon vs Mommy

Mom found a picture of me when I was 4 days old and when you put it next to a picture of Landon I think it's sorta hard to tell us apart!



Our eyebrows are different but the nose and mouth are exactly the same! We have confirmed Landon has Daddy's ears and I think he has his eyes too.

I've taken a few more pictures of the little man. You can go here to view them!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Things are still going really well. We love our little man soooo much!! I have a few more pictures to post. You can go here to view all of them as well as look at a few below. Some are from Landon's first Halloween and daddy's pumpkin carving!

We'd also like to thank grandma for staying with us the first week and helping with the transition of having a new baby!

Landon and Grandma!

I love my glow worm!!

Landon and Aunt Beth!

Our little Monster - Roar!!

Landon with our Pumpkin that Daddy carved!

Here's a video daddy took of Landon sneezing and hiccuping. He's so cute!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Landon is doing great and mommy is feeling better. He does seem to have his days and nights mixed up. He'll go 3 hours between feedings in the daytime and two hours between feedings at night. And it takes me an hour to feed him. So while I'm not sleeping for long periods of time, when I do sleep, I sleep sooooo well! So much better than when I was pregnant! I love getting up with him though, he's so precious!! You can go here to view some more pictures but I'll also post some below.

smiling for the camera

sweet boy

i love my mommy ;)

so alert!

pumpkin butt!