Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo Challenge

These are fun!  The Paper Mama's Photo Challenge!  This week her challenge is 'Happiness'. 

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Our 'Farm'

We've started the beginning of our little "farm". We now have planted blueberries, apple trees, tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, watermelon, all variety of peppers, cantaloupe, herbs... and more!  When the boys get older we're going to get some animals...maybe some goats, chickens or even a COW?! 

Shopping for plants!

Liam was excited.

The apple tree I planted, yes I dug the hole and everything!

One of our blueberry plants.

The apple tree Chad planted.

The start of our garden.

Our Apple Trees.

Weekend Photos

Here are a few of our weekend photos!

Liam helping with the laundry.
The boys cooking.
Sunshine in the front yard.
Baby birds on the front porch.
Planting our garden!!
Yep, I helped!
Abby and Roxy.
Outside time.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Birthday GG!

GG's Birthday is today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GG!! We went out to celebrate last Sunday night and the boys did GREAT. I even had a lady stop me on the way out to tell me how cute and well behaved they were! Landon ate and Liam ate and ate and ate...Liam literally ate the entire two hours we were there. He ate mashed potatoes with his fingers...hey why not?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

L & L

The boys have started to play together a lot more. It's great. I'm able to actually eat my dinner sometimes now. Landon will keep baby Liam occupied. I still have to tell Landon to be careful with him though, because he will tend to just push Liam over if he's in his way and then Liam will topple over. But I say give it a few months and they will be around the same size and then play will be more even. And once Liam starts'll be on! I have lots to look forward to with two crazy boys :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Challenge

I just started reading this blog.  I keep hearing good things about her from this blog.  I thought I'd enter her photo challenge this week.  I also love this post she just did.  Looks like something that might be fun to do with the boys in a few years...

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge

Instagram Weekend Photos.

Here are a few Instagram photos from our weekend

Chad planted a tree, the girls helped.
MaMaw's House.
Goood Morning!
Work (this was taken on Friday).
Front yard.
Side yard.
Baby Liam.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Landon at 2 and 1/2!

Our big boy is 2 and 1/2 today! 

He has made such a big jump since he turned 2.  I am amazed by his development and his energy.  He now sleeps in a big boy bed. He is potty trained (except number 2).  He gives the BEST hugs and kisses.  

He talks in sentences.  He is eager to learn more.  He can count.  He is a great helper.  He can pitch some awful fits and then turn right back around and be the sweetest thing ever all within the same minute.  He makes jokes and knows it and laughs.  He loves Baby Liam. 

He loves his entire family and will go through and list them all telling me so.  He also will go through and tell me that everyone loves him, listing all their names.  He likes to do steam roller with Dada and have Dada 'get him'.  He still loves trains and cars and trucks.

He's starting to eat better.  He will actually try new things when we ask him.  He's wearing mostly 2T clothes but still some 18 month clothes.  He can climb and flip and run and play and jump and do all kinds of crazy boy things.  It's just amazing.  

He's so kind hearted and sweet.  I am enjoying learning with him and watching him grow.  I do hope the crazy two year old temper tantrums are going to calm soon.  The ones where he just screams and cries for no reason at all and you can't calm him down at all.  We've started to just ignore him when he does this and I really think it's helping.  He's calming down a lot quicker and starting to listen a little better.  I think he was doing it for attention.  He's learning his emotions and feelings though and he's also realizing he has a brother around that needs a lot of attention too.  He's doing really well with understanding when I have to put Liam to bed or to take a nap and I'm there by myself.  He'll quietly go in the other room or sometimes just sit outside Liam's bedroom door until I'm done.  He puts his little fingers over his lips to let me know he's being quiet.  Haha.  It took a while for him to do good with this.  He used to come in there every few minutes and talk to me and that would, of course, not help Liam go to bed.  

He's growing up and I'm so proud of him!  I'm proud of who he's become and I'm excited to see who he will develop into.  I love learning with him and trying to be the best mommy I can be to him.  He has taught me so much and I don't know what I would do without him in my life. 


Friday, April 20, 2012

Water Table.

This past Sunday evening we enjoyed some time outside. My aunt brought by a water table for the boys that my cousins were no longer using and it was a big hit. I think we will get a lot of use out of that table! The boys also took their first ride together in the wagon. Baby Liam wasn't a huge fan but maybe he'll get used to it :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

9 Months!

Baby Liam is 9 months old today!  He's now crawling all over the place.  One foot, one knee crawl just like his brother started out.  He's also pulling up like crazy and trying to walk.  I can't sit on the ground next to him without him crawling to me and then climbing all over me.  He still loves to jump and is really good at walking around all over the house in the walker.  He will get into everything and you have to keep your eye on him all the time.  He wants to put EVERYTHING in his mouth.  He loves trying to do what Landon is doing, including playing with every. single. toy that Landon plays with. This doesn't make big brother very happy but we are tying to teach him to share.  Landon always tells me to Get Baby Liam Mama! He wants me to get him out of the way ...haha.  Chad and I are trying to tell Landon that Baby Liam is going to be around for a while and he better get used to him wanting to play. 

Liam still isn't sleeping well.  Sometimes he will wake only once (rare) and sometimes he will wake every hour during the night.  He is still eating like a pig.  There hasn't been anything I've gave him that he hasn't ate up.  We are starting to give him some table food...fruits and other small things and he's starting to do a lot better chewing them up.  He's certainly got some teeth he can put to use.  Here he is eating some beans...

He's still nursing but not as much.  He is wearing 12 month clothes, some 18 month.  Size 3 and/or 4 diapers. 

He's generally a pretty happy baby though and certainly a handsome little fella.  The doctor gave him a great report and said he was healthy and doing great.  He weighed 18lbs 12oz was 27 inches tall and his head was 46.7cm around.  

Here is his monthly birthday picture...haha

And it's always fun to compare...

Proud Wife

I'm so proud of my husband.  He protects and serves our community with pride.  He puts himself before others all the time.  I try not to think about it much, but sometimes things happen which bring up a reminder that he really does risk his life every single day he's on duty.  He really puts himself out there to protect perfect strangers and doesn't even think twice about what he's doing.  He loves his job too which makes him even better at what he does.  He really doesn't get acknowledged very often for what he does.  I think more people tend to look down upon officers than look up to them.  They are there for us and to protect us.  It's really nice when someone acknowledges all the hard work and sacrifice he makes for others.  Him and another officer saved a man's life back in September and he was given an award by The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution last night.  He was able to invite one guest (ME!) and they fed us dinner and presented the awards.  It was a wonderful evening and I am blessed to have him as my husband!