Monday, October 29, 2012


My sweet Great Aunt Faye passed away so we made a trip down to Kinston this past Saturday to say good-bye and visit with some family. The boys probably could not have been any better. They traveled well and played well.

We got back home in time to carve a pumpkin with Daddy!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Photography by Landon

Landon took these pictures! We might have to get him his own camera so he doesn't break mine by accident!  He really enjoys taking pictures!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liam waving

I must document the 'Liam Wave'.  It's the cutest thing.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big Boy Bed!

We got Landon (& Liam) a big boy bed.  Liam will not be sleeping in it for a while because he's still doing great in his crib and I will not mess with a good thing!  Eventually I want to make one room their sleeping room and one room their playroom but for now things are still split up and most everything is still in Landon's room so it's a little crowded but it works.  Landon picked out this bed.  The bottom bed pulls out, but for now since we won't be using it we've got it tucked away.  I took his old crib mattress and put it in their tent and they both love that...especially Liam.  I also took a few pictures of Landon's room since we moved it around.  I still need to move some things around on the walls.  We moved Liam's room around too but I think I still have some rearranging to do so I didn't take any pictures.  



Pumpkin Patch!

We took the boys to pick out a pumpkin the other night.  Liam was too busy wanting to explore and wouldn't sit very still to get a good picture but we tried our best!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Landon's Birthday

Mommy and Daddy took the day off work to spend it with Landon on his birthday.  We had a lot of fun!  We went to lunch where he got a BIGGG dessert...that I may, or may not have helped him eat!  Then we took him to his very first movie.  We went to see Finding Nemo 3D.  He calls it the fish movie.  He did really well.  It helped that we were the only ones in the theater! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

3 Years Old!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Landon Quinn!! 

Landon turns 3 today!  We had his birthday party this past Saturday at our house.  He was so excited for his party and kept asking when all his friends were coming over.  We had a cars party.  He said his favorite part was playing on his swing set and opening presents.  Here are a few pictures from the day...

I cannot believe how much he has changed in the past year!
He is fully potty trained and talks in complete sentences.  
He knows colors and can count to 10 (most of the time).  
He wants to do a lot of things on his own and does a pretty good job.  For example, he will clean up his entire room and put back all of his toys in the correct place.  He knows where things go better than daddy does...ha.  
He LOVES to ask why.  I know he's learning but goodness sometimes the only answer I can give is BECAUSE MOMMY SAID SO!  
He's like a little sponge learning so quickly and it's really amazing to watch him develop into a little boy.  
He loves his family and gives some of the best hugs and kisses.  He melts my heart when he tells me he loves me and misses me sooo much.  He sure loves his daddy too.  They play together often and by play I mean Chad throws him on the bed and lets him ride him like a horse or a choo-choo or whatever Landon comes up with, along with many other crazy games.  
He's been going to pre-school two days a week and I think he's really enjoying it there.  He gets to play with other kids, talk about God, and learn all kinds of new things.  
We are so proud of the little boy he's become and can't wait to celebrate his 3rd birthday with him today!

Go here to check out all of the pictures from his birthday party!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

15 months!

Liam is 15 months old today!! He's really developed a lot lately. He is walking everywhere and chatting it up! He has so much to say but we just really have no idea what he's saying. It's the cutest thing. Although there are a few words you can recognize. He also loves to ruff ruff like a puppy. He's really into clapping and dancing too. SOOO full of personality. The boy still loves to eat but when he's done - he's DONE. He'll shake his head no for about a minute and then start throwing everything on the floor. He's wearing 18 month clothes, size 4 diapers and sleeping on average 7-7; sometimes takes 2 naps a day, sometimes only one. He loves his big brother and they play well together. He's starting to be able to hold his own and really stand up for himself a lot more. I love my boys!!!!!!!!


The boys playing ...

Might be my favoite video yet ...

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Boys!

Landon got his first battle scar from his 'little' brother!

Liam got another haircut - I couldn't let her cut too many of those curls off!  I love it :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Albums and 1/2 Marathon

I'm a little late but I wanted to share the September Photo Album and we've obviously already started on the October Photo Album.  Check out how much the boys have grown!!

I've been busy lately with getting ready for the Triple Lakes Trail Race Half Marathon.  

The race was yesterday.  I knew some trail running would be involved but did not realize the entire race would be through the woods...running over roots, stumps, between trees and through the mud.  I had been training to run on the road and felt pretty good about my running.  I was averaging 9 minute miles for 12 miles and thought adding another mile or so on to that wouldn't be too bad.  Well running through the woods is totally different than running on the road.  I should have got my first clue by the t-shirt they gave us: 

 before the race

a few of the lovely ladies that ran the race with me.

 this was the only part of the race that wasn't through the woods.

 this is what most of the rest of the race looked like.

coming in for the finish.

DONE! I finished the race in 2:36:46 which was a pace of 11:32 per mile.  Not too bad considering I fell and twisted my ankle pretty bad at mile 9. 

I finished 135 out of 190 total finishers - 44 out of 84 for the women - 9 out of 15 for age 25-29 and 15 out of 23 for age 20-29.

This was taken after the race when I got home - the foot is bruised and still swollen at the moment but hey ... I ran a 1/2 marathon through the woods - CHECK!