Our House

I wanted to start a separate page for our house! I thought it'd be nice to keep everything together in one spot! Our builder is Wayne with Schumacher Homes.  We are building a house on around 8 acres of land.  The 8 acres is just a small part of my family's 60 acres.  So there should be plenty of room for the boys to explore :)

First post about our house. 
Second post about our house. 

Here is what our house is going to look like from the outside:

Go Here and Here to check out a few pictures of our land.  And here is a before video below:

We closed on our construction loan on June 1, 2011! 

 Family photo before the house.

We broke ground on June 2, 2011!

 I think it's wonderful some of the things you get to pay for while building a house...

The basement walls went in on June 7, 2011!

 On June 13th they started working on the foundation for the rest of the house.

As of June 22nd, we have some walls!

By July 1, they've got the windows in, all of the walls up and the roof on!

They started putting the siding up on July 12th and in about two days they were done.

They started the drywall on July 16th and had the entire inside of the house covered in one day.  Here's a video I took of the inside of the house.  It starts off with me coming into the laundry/mud room door...ignore my pregnant brain when I call the bathtub a toilet...ha...

Cabinets started to be installed on July 20th!

By July 29th they had the granite counter tops in and all the walls painted.

Outside of the house as of July 30th...

Hardwood floors were installed on August 5th.

We moved into our house on August 19th, 2011 and LOVE it.

You can also check out the photo album for the house.