Thursday, April 28, 2011

House Update

Well I haven't updated on the house in a while because things have just totally gotten off course. EVERYTHING takes so much longer than we expected and NOTHING ever seems to go our way.

To make a really long story short, we didn't agree with the appraisal the first lender gave us.  So now we are now trying to see what another bank can provide us. We are hoping and praying it will go better this time and we can go with this new lender. Technically we could still fall back on the first lender if we had to, but that will cause us to have to give up a lot of value we don't feel is fair. Unfortunately it's a rough market, as we all know, and appraisers have so many more regulations now, and basically houses just aren't selling for what it cost to build them. We even resorted to looking to buy a home instead of building, but really found nothing we wanted to even consider making an offer on. It's all about location for us and it's all about wanting to build our home and not making someone else's home ours.

I have a general time frame on when I think we will start building but I do not want to post it, because last time I did that things totally went off course. I'm can let you know the house will not be ready by the time Liam makes his arrival. We will be living in a 2 bedroom 2nd floor apartment with 2 kids under 2 for a short time, but that's okay. We've already started to make plans on where things will go for the time we are there, and it really shouldn't be that bad, because at that point we will hopefully have light at the end of the tunnel. Once our builders start the building process they guarantee a 6 month move in date, so that's good to know.

I am starting to get excited though because I can officially say we own 8 acres of land now, and that's more than I could say a few months ago. So at least we're making some progress! :)

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