Monday, April 18, 2011


Side Note: Sorry this post really isn't in order...I keep having issues when I try and move the photos around.

We had a fun time at the park on Sunday.  Landon finally acknowledged the playground area and really started to enjoy the slide.  He eventually got to where he was going down it by himself and didn't even need to be caught at the end.  Usually when we go to the park his only interest is walking/running around in the field.  He, of course, still enjoyed doing some of that...he especially enjoyed running from Dada.   

Handsome fella early this am before I had to go to work...

We dyed some eggs Saturday.  Landon really wasn't very interested in what we were doing but he did help me put some stickers on a few eggs and kept pointing at them saying EGG! ...

Every time I went to take Landon's picture the other day when he was sitting on Chad's lap he would make this face.  It was so funny at the time because he literally would only make the face when I brought the camera up to snap the shot.  He was trying to be a funny little guy.  haha...

more pictures here.

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