Friday, April 22, 2011

a year and a half?!!!!!

Landon is a year and a half old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 more months and we'll have a two year old!!!!! Wow. He has really developed a lot in the past month. I am so impressed by how much he knows. This video is just a small example of what all he's doing now:

Heck he does something new everyday and surprises me all the time now. I can't keep up with everything he knows and that's awesome. It makes me so proud to see him learning and growing. I can try and point out a few things that he is currently doing that I can think of off the top of my head:

You can pretty much ask him to bring you anything in the room from the remote to his blanket to Elmo and he'll get it for you. You can ask him to pick out Thomas or James from a group of Thomas the train toys. He knows and can pick out all of his bath toys: Hippo, Crab, Boat, Duck, Pink Duck, Penguin… He can point to all kinds of body parts and clothing items: Ears, Eyes, Nose, Teeth, Mouth, Hair, Head, Belly, Shirt, Pants, Toes, Socks… He says two, three word 'sentences' now: Dada Work, Haley get, Haley move, Choo Choo or Truck…He can take this toy apart and put it back together with all of the colors and blocks on the correct one:

I know I said this last month but I love the communication we have with him now. He will tell us (sometimes) what he wants to eat and he'll try and tell us when he wants to be done eating as well. When you tell him no he's not done he'll give you this look where he cuts his eyes at you and then sorta grunts…haha. It's funny. And sometimes on a good day you can ask him if he's ready for a nap and he'll go right to his crib and want to get in it…same for bedtime…he'll say bye bye and kiss everyone night and then head to bed. Although (thanks to my mom!) we recently got a video monitor…(how in the world we've lived without this up until now, I have no idea!!!) and we've learned that he pretty much stays awake in his crib playing quietly for at least 30 minutes before he falls asleep. I had wanted to transition him to a regular bed pretty soon because I didn't want to buy another crib for the new baby and now seeing him play like that has me second guessing. I just feel like he might would pop right out of bed if he had the ability, and go and start playing with all of his toys in his room. He's never tried to climb out of his crib though - he loves it in there! So I don't know what we'll be doing now. I certainly do not want to take that away from him if he loves it so much.

He's being a toddler when it comes to eating but I honestly think he's getting better, or maybe I'm just not stressing about it as much and that's helping. He doesn't like to go to bed at 7 much anymore…it's more like 7:30 or even 8 now. I'm still trying to work on putting him to bed by 7:30 though. Because now it seems that he also likes to wake up earlier…usually around 6 now…sometimes he'll sleep later though. His daytime nap is at least 2-3 hours now though. He's in size 4 diapers during the day and in size 5 at night. He's wearing 18 month clothing. He's extremely handsome :) Just had to throw that part in there ;)

He has his 18 month visit with the doctor on the 26th so I'll update about that later!

I also wanted to post a few pictures from when went to Dada's softball game Wednesday night.  He really enjoyed playing in the dirt and exploring.  It was a little challenging getting him to listen to me and come back to me when I called him.  We've got to work on that... He also didn't understand why Dada couldn't come to him when he called him.  He probably said Dada! about a zillion times while we were there trying to get Chad's attention to come and play with him. 

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