Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's a ...

At first we decided we were not going to find out until the birth of our little one. Then we started to realize that there are not many neutral options out there these days, and it might be harder than we thought. We're also both pretty big planners, so we started to think about certain things and thought it'd be best to just leave it up to Baby Campbell...If the baby wanted us to know then that was fine...if not, that was fine too.

Well the very first image on the screen at the anatomy scan was the following:

You have to look at this picture thinking that the baby is basically sitting on top of a copy machine. Yes, that would be his little butt cheeks and...well, you know...his jewels. The doctor basically said..."Well I'm glad you didn't care to know because he sure wanted you to!" I could even tell what it was without the doctor telling me. So I'm glad we decided it was okay to find out, because we literally would have had to look away at certain parts of the scan and that's what I did not want to do. I didn't want to miss out on anything :)

Here are a few other pictures...

This one is labeled and so you should be able to tilt your head sideways and see his face ...two eyes and a chin.

Here you can see where it is labeled as well. Basically he has his little arm in front of his face.

Throughout the scan he held his hands up at his face and so we were never able to get a good 3D image. He even yawned at one point. It was so cute! But the doctor said everything measured great and he seems to be very healthy so far. He weighed 1/2 lb and had a strong heart beat. I was very pleased...proud mommy! :) Chad was able to come to this one and I think he's one proud daddy and excited to have a little boy scout on the way! My mom and Granny came too and so I'm glad they got to experience it as well.

What a great day ...we are truly blessed!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

18 weeks!

I swear my belly grew right much in one week. It sure feels bigger. Haley wanted to join in on this picture.

Friday I was sitting in my cube at work and I am 99% sure I felt a slight kick and then what felt like butterflies in my stomach. It was awesome. Sorta like ..."Hey Mommy...Just wanted to let you know I was down here!" And this is only the beginning...

Friday, May 15, 2009

17 weeks

I wasn't going to do an update until 18 weeks but I've been getting lots of requests :) My belly has really started to pop out more in the past week. In the beginning I wasn't able to button my pants...now I can't even zip them! I'm still wearing the belly band though! Although I am proud to say I can still fit into my size 2 Abercrombie jeans...oh how I love them (they are really low rise)!

I've still been feeling great and I think I have actually felt the baby move a few times. But the doctor is right...it's hard to distinguish exactly what you're feeling...and some of you know what I mean! But it does feel like slight pop corn popping every now and then when I've been sitting there resting.

I've also learned I can't slump over as much b/c my belly sorta gets in the way. I know it's only the beginning though... But I needed to improve my posture anyway!

I also can't get up fast ...or even slightly fast...or i will literally black out for a second. I've always done this but since being pregnant it started to happen several times a day throughout the whole day. The doctor told me it's normal. He said to put my feet on the ground and sit there for a few seconds while I wiggle my feet. Then get up. I try to do that but it's hard to remember ...especially at work. Chad tries to remind me to get up slowly at home. He's being so sweet :) I think he's going to be a great daddy!

I still officially have not gained any weight. I lost weight in the beginning and now i am starting to gain that weight back. I probably weigh now what I weighed when I got pregnant.

OH! I've also started to notice people looking at my belly now. It's funny b/c the people that know I am pregnant want to look to see if I am showing and the people that don't know if I am pregnant are looking at me trying to figure out if I am or not. I had one lady in the elevator ask me the other day if I was expecting and I was so excited that someone noticed...lol.

Well here are a few pictures I took myself. I thought it was funny that from the front you can't really tell I'm pregnant and you definitely can't tell from the back. But from the side...I think you might be able to see something!!