Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We finished decorating the tree today and the rest of the place. I never thought this apartment could feel 'homey' but it does! I do hope by next Christmas, we are in our house and have a fireplace to hang our stockings. But for now we are happy and thankful to be where we are at in our lives. Landon still doesn't show a whole lot of interest in the tree...he likes to point at it every now and then and touch it for a bit, but other than that he just plays with his toys like normal. He's acting much better than I thought he would :) I thought for sure that we'd only be able to decorate the top half of the tree...haha. I'm actually worried more about Haley messing with the presents under the tree...she usually tosses around a few each year...

Landon wanted to put his Truck in the tree.

Checking out the snow globe with Daddy


Hanging ornaments with Mommy

our tree!

drinking from my snow man head.

all this decorating makes me hungry!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Tree

We went and got our Christmas tree today! Landon had fun picking one out. When we got it home he didn't seem very interested in it, until we turned on the lights and started putting them on the tree. And then he still wasn't super interested...which is good. But I put him to bed before we got any ornaments put on it, so we'll see how he reacts to all the "BA'S!" on the tree tomorrow. I'm also interested to see how he reacts to all the presents up under the tree...

Haley on the other hand...she was going crazy running around and sniffing that big tree in her living room. Hopefully she won't drink all the water out from under it...

But it is a beautiful tree...perfect if I must say!

looking for the perfect one!

we found it!

our tree!

happy baby with tree

daddy with tree

mommy with tree

tree shopping wore somebody out

living room before, with tree

random cute picture of haley :)

taking a break with daddy

checking out the Christmas pillow


what are you doing, daddy?

oh this wrapping paper is fun!

with lights!

living room after - with lights, no ornaments yet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We have so much to be thankful for this year! A great God, a healthy sweet little boy, loving family and friends, jobs, each other...the list could go on! I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Our bundle of energy is 13 MONTHS OLD today!

He has really developed a lot lately and has such a wild personality! We are learning he is not afraid of anything and likes to be independent. He's learning so many things…for example when we ask him if he wants to take a bath …he'll run right to the bathtub, and get all excited and eager for you to take all his clothes off, so he can jump right in and play with the water coming out of the faucet. You ask him if he wants a snack and he runs to the pantry and starts beating on the door…NAK! NAK! NAK! He knows what it means to put on your shoes and socks and he loves it! It's about one of the only things he will sit still for…… He also likes you to take them off……only so you can put them right back on again...

He's not a big fan of eating much anymore. He'll eat really good for like one day out of the week and the other days he'll snack and pick and play with his food more than eat it. He'd much rather play and run around than eat, or eat while playing and running around. We are working on that……and it's frustrating to be honest. We spend a lot of time in the high chair trying to get him to eat healthily, good food…but all he really wants to eat are snacks, cheese, yogurt and bread. He does still eat most meats and some fruits like bananas and apples and some veggies like green peas and a few other things (but just not as much as I'd like). He loves his milk but still probably doesn't get much more than 18 oz a day, if that. He also likes fruit smoothies as well, so that helps for those days when he just won't eat anything else. I also hate to feed him the same thing everyday, but it's almost hard not to do that when he won't eat anything else! Advice??

He's still wearing mostly 12 month clothes and talking up a storm. He knows what the word No means...but doesn't always follow the command. It's hard to remember all of his 'words' but here's a list of what I can think of right now. I'm also pretty sure I don't even know all the words - Granny seems to teach him a new word everyday :)

Shoes (shos)
Socks (sok)
Truck (tuck)
Ball (ba)
SpongeBob (sponbob)
PapPap - he asks for this now…uh oh!
Snack (nak)
Poop (oop) - thanks, daddy
I heard him say Granny twice the other day. (anny)
Hot (ot)
Ghost (ost)
That - (dat) - he says that when he wants you to tell him what 'dat' is.
Bye Bye - he waves hey and bye bye too
Done (doe)
Bath (baba)
ahhh!! ...haha, he just likes to scream a lot in general

What am I forgetting, people?

He now walks everywhere! And does not want to be held much at all - Mr. Independent! He pitches a fit if you try and stop him from walking around…and he never walks where you want him to walk either. He always heads for the steps, if there are any nearby. He's a climber and an explorer that's for sure! I'm also fairly certain he's going to play some type of baseball or soccer or hockey or something. He's really good at throwing balls and kicking balls and even calmly setting the ball down on the floor and then whacking it as hard as he can with his hand to watch it fly across the room. The boy has aim too! Here's the climber himself:

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Little Gym

I took Landon to a trial class at The Little Gym this morning. We were thinking about signing him up for classes, and wanted to try it out first. He really seemed to enjoy himself and I think it will be a great learning experience for him as well. All of the pictures I took were with my iPhone so sorry about the quality...but at least you get to see a little of what went on...