Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Another 1/2 done!

This past Saturday I ran my second half marathon!! How could you forget my last one? The weather was much colder than normal for this time of year but at least it wasn't cold and rainy...just cold. Plus by the time I started running it didn't take too long to warm up. The run went from my old high school to down town Greensboro so it was through pretty familiar roads which I was excited about. However I never realized how many hills those roads had until I ran them...It was such a pretty run though.  I really felt like I was 'at home'.  I started off too fast though (something I need to work on)...the 8 mile pacer bike didn't pass me until 6 miles...then the 8 1/2 mile pacer didn't pass me until 10 miles.  My goal was 8 1/2 minute miles, but at 10 miles I was about ready to be DONE.  I struggled to finish the last three - I never walked but I sure wanted to.  I hope to be more prepared for the next race in April.  Although I did just decide to officially do this one two weeks prior to the start of the race.  I finished in 1:55:15 so a pace of around 8:48 per mile.  Still better than my last but room for improvement.  I am extra sore today and will be resting up for the next few days before I start back at it! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Landon Turns Four!!

Happy Fourth Birthday Landon Q!!!!  I cannot believe my big boy is FOUR.  He is certainly no longer a toddler - he is a little BOY.  He's so smart and helpful now.  He knows so much I couldn't even type it all out.  I am so proud of this little man.  He has the BEST heart ever and is so dang sweet and thoughtful.  

He wanted a monster truck birthday party at his house so that is what he got!  We had the party this past Saturday and I think it went perfect because Landon had the best time.  I took a ton of pictures but will only post a few on here so if you want to check all of them out they are in this album.  

Then Monday we went to the NC State fair and Landon road all kinds rides and ate a bunch of fun stuff.  The boys favorite was the candy apple!  

Then today after he opened his presents from mommy and daddy we went to Iseley Farms with his pre-school.  We road on a hay ride and picked out some pumpkins.  We came back home and ate lunch --- Landon requested pancakes, bacon, peanuts and chicken nuggets -- he ate all of that too!  Then we painted the pumpkins and just hung out and played with his new toys.    

I think he's had a great birthday so far!  We are going to have dinner at Mawmaw and GG's house tonight so I know he'll enjoy that!  

I sure do love this little guy.  


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I was able to really enjoy Columbus Day at home - yay for Bank holidays! I spent the morning running and doing a little yard work since the boys were at Granny's. By the way I've still been running... I plan on running this race in about 10 days. Yesterday I ran 10 miles and I'm wasn't my best time --- did it in about 1:27 -- I hope to do better race day. I haven't had the chance to do as many long runs as I would have liked because the mommy guilt sets in and I feel bad leaving the boys for too long. I am so lucky to have the help I have though so I can get my exercise in -- Chad, my mom, dad, brother, granny - heck everyone! -- all help out and I couldn't thank them enough.

Then I was able to spend the evening hanging out with these guys...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Our friends have season tickets to the State games. This past weekend we got to join them for some tailgating and football. We had a lot of fun - but we always have fun hanging out with them!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Weekend.

We had a nice weekend, making cake pops, riding in the jeep topless (minus the boys), checking out parades and racking up on some candy ............and of course cuddling.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My boys.

These guys are my favorite.