Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I was able to really enjoy Columbus Day at home - yay for Bank holidays! I spent the morning running and doing a little yard work since the boys were at Granny's. By the way I've still been running... I plan on running this race in about 10 days. Yesterday I ran 10 miles and I'm wasn't my best time --- did it in about 1:27 -- I hope to do better race day. I haven't had the chance to do as many long runs as I would have liked because the mommy guilt sets in and I feel bad leaving the boys for too long. I am so lucky to have the help I have though so I can get my exercise in -- Chad, my mom, dad, brother, granny - heck everyone! -- all help out and I couldn't thank them enough.

Then I was able to spend the evening hanging out with these guys...

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