Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Landon Turns Four!!

Happy Fourth Birthday Landon Q!!!!  I cannot believe my big boy is FOUR.  He is certainly no longer a toddler - he is a little BOY.  He's so smart and helpful now.  He knows so much I couldn't even type it all out.  I am so proud of this little man.  He has the BEST heart ever and is so dang sweet and thoughtful.  

He wanted a monster truck birthday party at his house so that is what he got!  We had the party this past Saturday and I think it went perfect because Landon had the best time.  I took a ton of pictures but will only post a few on here so if you want to check all of them out they are in this album.  

Then Monday we went to the NC State fair and Landon road all kinds rides and ate a bunch of fun stuff.  The boys favorite was the candy apple!  

Then today after he opened his presents from mommy and daddy we went to Iseley Farms with his pre-school.  We road on a hay ride and picked out some pumpkins.  We came back home and ate lunch --- Landon requested pancakes, bacon, peanuts and chicken nuggets -- he ate all of that too!  Then we painted the pumpkins and just hung out and played with his new toys.    

I think he's had a great birthday so far!  We are going to have dinner at Mawmaw and GG's house tonight so I know he'll enjoy that!  

I sure do love this little guy.  


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