Sunday, October 7, 2012

Albums and 1/2 Marathon

I'm a little late but I wanted to share the September Photo Album and we've obviously already started on the October Photo Album.  Check out how much the boys have grown!!

I've been busy lately with getting ready for the Triple Lakes Trail Race Half Marathon.  

The race was yesterday.  I knew some trail running would be involved but did not realize the entire race would be through the woods...running over roots, stumps, between trees and through the mud.  I had been training to run on the road and felt pretty good about my running.  I was averaging 9 minute miles for 12 miles and thought adding another mile or so on to that wouldn't be too bad.  Well running through the woods is totally different than running on the road.  I should have got my first clue by the t-shirt they gave us: 

 before the race

a few of the lovely ladies that ran the race with me.

 this was the only part of the race that wasn't through the woods.

 this is what most of the rest of the race looked like.

coming in for the finish.

DONE! I finished the race in 2:36:46 which was a pace of 11:32 per mile.  Not too bad considering I fell and twisted my ankle pretty bad at mile 9. 

I finished 135 out of 190 total finishers - 44 out of 84 for the women - 9 out of 15 for age 25-29 and 15 out of 23 for age 20-29.

This was taken after the race when I got home - the foot is bruised and still swollen at the moment but hey ... I ran a 1/2 marathon through the woods - CHECK!

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  1. So proud of you!!! I think I have crutches.. and/or a boot if you need it for you ankle.. hmm.. have you thought about getting it checked out??