Saturday, April 2, 2011

22 weeks!

Things are going great!  I'm so blessed to be able to handle pregnancy so well.  My back does hurt in the same exact spot it did when I was pregnant with Landon, but if that's all I really have to complain about then I'm doing pretty good!  Chad got to feel the little guy moving the other night.  I wish I had of marked the date but I didn't.  I'd say it was actually a few weeks ago.  He's starting to move around a lot more now.  Landon doesn't have much to say about my belly...except that he knows it gets in his way when he's trying to lay in my lap.  haha.  Well here I am! ...

My belly button is starting to stick out!!  It did not do this when I was pregnant with Landon. 

Here is my 22 week post with Landon.


  1. im so jealous! lol i want to get pregnant again but at the same time im terrified. you look fantastic!

  2. If only I looked like I swallowed a basketball when I got preggers..I just look like a marshmallow! You look great..glad things are going so well for ya!