Sunday, April 10, 2011


95% of my posts are pictures, mainly because I'm not a good writer.  AND I'm obviously not a photographer either...I just use a this Sony camera I got from Wal-Mart years ago or my iPhone...BUT I really enjoy blogging and taking pictures.  I love being able to look back at my blog archive and see how much Landon has grown, or compare my baby bump this time to how I was when I was pregnant with Landon etc.  I started this blog for family and friends and have actually made it into a lot more.  I've met new friends and have also really enjoyed becoming a part of the blogging world.  I've continued to follow old friends as well, and really enjoy keeping up with their lives.  It's fun and it's my way of 'scrap booking' really.  Anyway, for whoever is out there - thanks for 'reading' and I hope you continue! :)  Now onto the pictures... 

my love.

before Church today.

Mommy and Landon CHEESING.

wild boy!

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