Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Goodness

We had a nice Easter weekend. It would have been perfect if Chad had of been off work. But we still enjoyed ourselves and dyed eggs, saw the Easter bunny, went Easter egg hunting, played at church, opened Easter baskets, ate candy, played with new toys and over all had a great time.  Landon got to hear the Easter story at church too and he actually sat there for a whole 2 minutes and listened.  I was impressed.   

Dying eggs with Mama and Mamaw

Liam didn't much care either way for the Easter bunny

This was the best picture I could get of Landon and the Easter bunny ..all he would do was wave. 

Landon hunting eggs.  He was so cute. He would put his basket down and then go get as many eggs as he could in his hands and run back and put them in his basket.  He had good style.

Baby Liam ate Cheese puffs.  He CRIED until you gave him more.  We finally just had to leave and take him away from the Cheese puffs.  Piglet. 

The Easter Bunny came to the Campbell house!

Liam enjoyed his eggs.

Landon enjoyed his candy.

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