Thursday, August 8, 2013

Boardwalk at the Beach.

So I had to do a whole extra post for this one! We took the boys (and Ava) to boardwalk at the beach on family night thinking Landon probably would be too scared to ride any of the rides (in addition to being too small)........oh boy but we were wrong. He road his first ride with Ava and seemed pretty happy about it but we were still not sure if he was in love. The next ride was a little more intense but we thought we'd see what he'd one moment we weren't sure if he was going to cry and laugh....well he ended up laughing and didn't stop! He road every ride they would let him ride...even the scrambler!! It was so much fun watching him HAVE so much fun!! I don't think I've ever seen him so happy. Liam had fun watching him ride the rides too and didn't seem to mind. He got in on some of his own action when they started dancing...of course Mr. Liam had to join in and dance some. Here is a video of him dancing. He also got to throw some balls around and (of course) he enjoyed that.

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