Monday, March 10, 2014

More winter weather and no power?!

We had an ice/snow storm come through and take out our power for the weekend. 

Luckily my aunt was one of the many few that had power so we were able to go to her house and shower and recharge ...

And this guy kept us plenty warm at our house ... 

Plus my parents still had heat from their gas logs (ours didn't seem to work right without power) so we hung out there some too

But during the last night with no power Liam got sick ... (After Chad had been called into work on his day off). Liam refused to get sick in a bucket or the toilet ... He barfed on (what felt like) everything. 

I was so scared he had the dreaded stomach bug but he only threw up about 4 times and then slept the rest off. Luckily our power came back on the next morning around 6am.  He was fine the next day ... Just a little tired so he ended up taking a six hour nap. Maybe it was the Krispie Kreme for breakfast that made him feel better...

That was an adventurous weekend! Oh! And today it's suppose to be 70!

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