Thursday, September 18, 2014

Umbilical Hernia repair

Liam had surgery this morning to repair his umbilical hernia. He did pretty well prior to surgery. They gave him some happy juice prior to taking him back and he couldn't even hold up his head by himself. He kept laughing too. It was pretty funny. The surgery didn't take more than an hour and then the doctor came out to tell us it all went well. He had taken some pictures and showed us Liam's hernia before he repaired it. It was probably about the size of a nickel. He was pretty ill after he woke up and ended up staying in recovery for about an hour or so just sleeping it off. He cried the entire way home but once we got home and took off the bandaid on his hand from the IV and the hospital bracelets off his ankle he started to brighten up. I'm sure the fruit snacks, ice cream, peanut butter bagel, gold fish and coke helped too. He noticed the bandage on his belly and wanted to take it off but I told him he had a boo-boo and he would have to leave it on for a while. So far he's doing alright with it. He can't walk without help. His balance is still off. So he's going around saying, "I can't walk cause I have a boo-boo". Right now he's still numb though so it'll be interesting to see how he does when that wears off. But we are home and resting!

(Before surgery)

(Liam with happy juice)


(Resting with Mama)

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