Saturday, June 25, 2011

Big Wawa!

We're at the beach!  aka: Big WaWa!  We had an eventful night last night when we let Landon sleep on an air mattress.  We brought the pack and play and an air mattress for him because we weren't sure which would be best.  He did alright on the air mattress...except the 3 times he fell off and then Chad had to lay with him to get him to go back to sleep.  He sleeps like his mama...when I was little I feel off the bed a lot...once breaking my collar bone and another busting my two front teeth out...Good thing he was only about a few inches off the carpet floor. Currently he's napping in the pack and play...we'll have to see which works out better...

We took him to the beach today and he seemed really excited to go until you actually got there and went to put him down and he would cling to you like a monkey.  I think we are gradually going to have to introduce everything to him.  He liked the ocean as long as someone was holding him and he liked the sand as long as he was able to not sit on it or get too dirty.  I could already tell after being there for just an hour or so that he should hopefully warm up and get more comfortable out there.  He loved to sit in his chair and play...honestly it was pretty nice not having to chase him around everywhere like I thought we would.  

Here are a few pictures from today!  

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