Monday, November 21, 2011


Liam had his checkup at the doctor yesterday!  He weighed 14lbs 10 oz and was 24 inches long.

Here he was at the doctor, Daddy said he had fun playing on the table:

The doctor said we needed to let him cry at night.  That it's become a habit for him now.  She said he would be fine not to eat from around 10pm-5am. So last night I fed him at 8pm and didn't feed him again until 4am.  He didn't sleep that whole time - we did have to listen to him cry BUT it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - He didn't wake Landon up and he did eventually go back to sleep.  I feel like we have made some kind of progress already. Other than that she said he was very healthy and looked great! 

Here's a video I took the other night of him rolling over - He's been doing it right much lately - even in the bathtub a few times - HA! - but it's been hard to catch him on camera.  I love Landon's comments ...

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