Wednesday, January 18, 2012

6 months old?!

Seriously. Liam is already 6 months old. It's going by even faster the second time around. I need time to SLOW DOWN! :( I want my baby to stay a baby.

He still does not sleep through the night but continues to eat like a piglet. He is starting to sit up by himself for longer periods of time and he rolls over like a champ. Front to back, back to front. He will move himself around on the floor but just by kicking his legs or rolling around.

He is wearing size 3 diapers, 9 month clothes (a few 12 month), eats 3 meals a day of baby food and nurses a lot. Plus oatmeal before bed. He is doing better with bottles but they still are not his favorite. He has taken some formula when we run out of breast milk but we still are not even through our first container. But there hasn't been a type of baby food (so far) that he hasn't eaten!

He is really starting to be a lot of fun though and is so darn cute it just kills me. He adores Landon and likes to watch his every move. He still LOVES a bath like crazy. He is developing a voice too. He likes to 'talk' to us and even scream at us sometimes. :) And yes, I know some may think he needs a haircut BUT we'll see .... I'm just not ready to cut it yet. He is sooo ticklish and loves to have lotion put on him...which is another difference between him and his brother. So far they really are not a lot alike. He LOVES to jump. He will jump forever! He also likes his walker. He'll drive that thing around (backwards) with authority!

He goes to the doctor on Friday for us to get his stats. So I'll keep you updated!

Here are some pictures of the cute man to hold you over...

and here's his 6 month picture ... :)

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