Monday, January 9, 2012

Night Night.

Landon is doing great with his big boy bed.  He's walked out and visited us a few times but he goes right back to bed.  The other night around 3am I wake up to, "Mommy! Dada!" First he asked for cartoons. We said no. Then he asked for a kiss so of course he got that. Then he said, "Back to Landon's bed now?" and went right back to his bed. Sweet boy :)

Last night he wanted me to get in his bed and he wanted to put me to bed like we normally put him to bed.  It was so cute.  We wrap him up and then name every. single. one. of his animals and give him a kiss night.  He did everything we do to him but about 1,000 times faster.  You can tell his speed here in this picture...haha

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