Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo Albums

Well I can't believe it's already MAY!  Happy Spring!!  I started our May photo album and finished our April photo album.  I also can't believe I took 631 photos in April.  Well, actually I can...

So May started off with Liam getting his first bloody nose..

Learning to get around on hardwood floors is not very fun for the little guy.  His hair is currently covering up a big bruise/knot on his forehead and a scratch next to his eye.  When I was giving the little man a bath last night he looked just pitful with his bloody nose and banged up head.  He is getting better at getting around and gaining more confidence so hopefully he won't have as many accidents, but Chad keeps reminding me...he is a little boy!

Here is my other little guy having fun in the bathtub last night. 

I went to check on Liam last night after I had put him to bed and found him like this.  Just as quiet as a mouse standing up in his crib.  Hi mommy! I'd like out now please!

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