Monday, June 18, 2012

11 month old Liam.

Liam turned 11 months old today!  His little personality has really opened up the last few weeks.  I've got a few videos from the beach trip to post so you can see how wild and crazy he is sometimes. 

He's wearing size 3,4 diapers. 12 month clothes.  Still likes baby food but also likes table food.  He'll eat his baby food first and then an entire size "Landon meal".  You can't eat anything without him coming up to you wanting you to share with him.  He is still nursing in the mornings and evenings.

He's still not feeling well today.  He's had a temperature all day long that pretty much started yesterday and got as high as 104.  We took him to the doctor and they said everything else looks ear infection or anything.  And to just keep doing what we're doing by keeping Tylenol in him.  I hope he will get to feeling better soon.  So this leads me into his monthly birthday picture...

poor fella

And to compare ...

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