Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oak Island

We've been away for the past week at Oak Island, NC. It was Liam's first beach trip and he LOVED the beach. He wasn't a big fan of the house itself...he was just generally really fussy the entire time except out on the beach. I was thinking it was just teething until today I noticed he had a 102.4 temp, so maybe it's more. I'm gonna let him rest and give him some tylenol and we'll see how he's feeling in a day or so. I hope he gets better real soon. Other than that we had a GREAT trip. Landon absolutely LOVED the beach. "I like wawa!" "I like Fish!" "That fish so tasty!" "Make my tummy feel better!" He talked more in the past week than I've ever heard him talk before. Saying everyones name (for some reason he kept getting his cousins Kade and Morgan confused). But he was just so excited about absolutely everything around him and such a fun little guy to be around. Chad and I both agree this is our favorite age so far. I am so glad we're going back to the beach for another week in July because I can't wait to watch Landon enjoy himself all over again. And hopefully by then Mr. Liam will be feeling better and can really enjoy himself even more than he did. I took over 750 pictures and you can go here to see them all but here are a few of my favorites ...

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