Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Moved!

We moved in our house on August 19th!  You can go here to check out some pictures.  We still have a few things left in the apartment that needs to be moved but we do have the majority of everything we need over here.  One of the biggest changes has been Haley.  We are not going to let her in the main part of the house.  The 3 seconds she came in she scratched the hardwood floors.  We feel like she needs to be outside the majority of the time anyway, because ...well, she is a dog... (we just gotta make sure she knows that).  She has gotten better and better everyday.  We got her the invisible fence system and she got shocked one time (on a low setting) and that seemed to be enough for her.  Chad even shocked himself to see what it felt like just to make sure it wouldn't hurt her too much.  She doesn't even try and run off at all.  We can take her shock collar off and she still won't run off.  She's really done great.  And she is an awesome guard dog.  She barks when people come to the house.  I'm so proud of her.  She's got a nice set up on the screened in back porch too.  We think we might get a doggie door for the screened in back porch because we've just been leaving the door open for her now which sorta defeats the purpose of having a screened in back porch.  She can also lay out on the front porch too so she's got plenty of shelter until we get her doggie house built.  Chad lets her hang out in the basement some too though so she still gets to come inside some. 

On another related note, one of my favorite things about moving in has been that I can now fold laundry in the living room and not get dog hair all over it.  I can let Landon crawl and roll and play all over the floor and not have to worry about all the dog hair he'll get on him.  We can actually have nice furniture now that Haley won't be laid up on it (Notice the new living room furniture we got in the pictures which I LOVE!!).  Another one of my favorite things has been the playroom.  Landon will go in there and actually play and I can be in the living room or kitchen and still have my eye on him.  I can also watch what I want since he has his own TV in there...AND we finally got cable back!!!!! YAY for DVR!!  Oh I'm a happy girl right now.  If I could only get Liam to sleep a little longer then things would be perfect.  haha. Speaking of Liam...aka: Mr.'s time to feed him so I'll update more later!

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