Monday, July 2, 2012

Bible School

I can't believe how quickly June flew by...and now it's already July!!  Check out our monthly photo albums!

Landon spent the last part of June at Bible School where he will soon be starting pre-school in September.  He seemed to really enjoy himself and was excited to go everynight BUT he wouldn't stay by himself...either my mom, myself or Chad stayed with him.  He also would not stand on stage with the other kids at the final program.  He stood off to the side and my mom had to go up and sit on the stairs next to the stage just to get him to go that far.  I have a video on my camera but am having trouble getting it loaded on here.  He was shy at first but the he did open up towards the end and he loved the dancing and singing they did.  He did pretty well at saying the bible verses too...he was just a little LOUD.  I do think he did pretty well considering he was probably the youngest child there.  Here are a few pictures...   

playing on the playground with the other kids

story time

Landon's artwork

playing games


trying to get a picture of him wearing his hat


baby liam at the final program chowing down

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