Friday, July 27, 2012

Haircut and Shoes

I still haven't been able to upload the birthday party pictures. You know it's killing me. We are pretty sure our computer was one of the many electronics that got fried when the lightening hit. I still have my laptop (I think) so hopefully I'll get some time next week to get some pictures up! We keep finding more and more items that got fried...2 TV's, DVD players, Our receiver, Chad's xBox, our phones, the list literally goes on and on... BUT we are all okay and the house didn't have much damage.

Anyway, until I get some pictures uploaded here are a few iPhone pictures to keep you updated. 

More ball pit fun.
Liam's new kicks (he had to get shoes for fat feet)
Slick Rick
Bedtime story
NEW HAIRCUT - OMG! He kills me with cute.
Chad's hot as h-e double l burger - I'm still hurting from this one.

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