Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liam at 21 months.

Liam is 21 months old today! I'm keeping up the tradition of the monthly updates until he turns 2!  I did it for Landon and want to do it for Liam as well.  Liam is at the age Landon was when Liam was born which is so crazy to think about. Liam's starting to talk in more sentences now. The other day Landon was playing angry birds on the TV and Liam said, "shoot that bird!". Then we were outside with my mom and he looked over at her and said, "Walk with mawmaw!". He's repeating more words and it's finally getting a little easier to understand what he wants. He's still great at the gibberish though. He's wearing 2T clothes (pretty much almost the same size as Landon -- esp in summer clothes). He LOVES to go outside and go bye-bye. He will start crying because he wants to go so bad. Chad and I joke that he has a little Haley in him because anytime we start packing up to go anywhere he starts crying and grabbing his jacket and shoes like we're gonna leave him. Haley used to get so excited when we started packing to go places and so nervous we were going to leave her. He LOVES Landon and they really do play together so well. Don't get me wrong - they fight too - but so far I see a lot more playing and hugging than I do fighting. Landon has started to ask for Liam to go with him places like school and Granny's house. He also mentioned he wanted Liam to sleep with him in his room but we're going to hold off on that until Liam is practically climbing out of his crib since Liam does so well in there still. He will sleep generally from 7:30-7:30. It's great!

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  1. "shoot that bird".. made me laugh out loud! Such a silly goose! I love this boy!