Monday, April 29, 2013

New Rooms for the Boys!

Soooooooooo we weren't planning on taking Liam out of his crib just yet but things sorta planned out that way this past weekend.  Landon has been getting up a lot at 3-4 times.  Some of his excuses:
He wants a big hug.
He wants a big kiss.
He has to pee (which he can do by himself).
He's scared.

He told us that he would stay in his bed if someone was in there with him -- even if it was Liam.  Since we already had the bunk beds we thought we'd switch things around and see how they did.  I do have to admit I got tears in my eyes when we packed up Liam's baby is growing up!!

Landon loved the rooms and Liam seemed pretty excited too.  We made one room a playroom and the other one a sleeping room with books and a tv.  The changing table is still in the sleeping room for now but eventually that'll come out or become some type of storage.

The new playroom! ...

The new sleeping room!

So it took a while to get Liam to go down for his nap ... He cried some, he played some...finally he passed out and slept for a good 2-3 hours...

Then when bedtime rolled around it took a while to get them to go to sleep.  I kept going to check on them and once found them in the same bed together. 

Landon actually got up more than Liam but fell asleep faster after he finally laid down.  Landon probably fell asleep around 9:30.  However Mr. Liam stayed up and Chad said one time he went to check on him and he was playing with the diapers and baby powder...then the next time he went in there he had about 4-5 books out on his bed and was 'reading' through them.  He didn't cry, which I think is good...and eventually around 10:45 he fell asleep.  Every time I went in there to check on them Liam would be in a different position...once on the floor.  BUT - both boys slept through the night so I'd call that a successful first night!


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