Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 Months!!

Our little boy is 3 months old today!  He has the cutest smile and when he's happy he's really happy.  His eyes get all big and he gets so excited and just kicks and kicks and wiggles those arms all around.  Super cute stuff!  I LOVE those chubby cheeks and leg rolls. He's wearing 6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. 

But oh boy...when he's mad he's MAD.  He sure does have a temper on him and sometimes he simply DOES NOT want his diaper changed.  He will scream until he's silent and completely red in the face...BREATHE CHILD!! 

Now that I've gone back to work we are trying to get him used to drinking from bottles and he's having a hard time adjusting.  He's not used to having to wait for the bottle to get ready.  But overall, he's just not used to the bottle in general.  I probably should have introduced it to him more often while I was out on maternity leave with him but...I honestly didn't want to and the few times I did, he seemed to do fine with it.  I also love breastfeeding him and it was also a lot easier on me to do that when I had Landon around to take care of too.  I worked really hard at finally getting it ...right.  For those that don't know breastfeeding for some isn't as easy as it may seem.  I only nursed Landon for about 5 or 6 weeks because of issues with him and with me.  But I was determined this time and it took about 8 weeks for things to be normal.  I hate that Liam is having a hard time with the bottle...I really hate it for those watching him (my brother mainly!).  Because he's a fussy baby anyway (with his reflux and tummy issues), and then to throw that on top of things doesn't help.  All my friends who have been in similar situations keep telling me he'll adjust and he'll get used to it.  I just hope they're right.  Basically what Liam's doing now is not eating much during the day so then he just loads up at night.  He's still up every 3 hours eating at night.  I miss Liam a lot during the day while I'm at work so I really don't mind too much getting up with him...I've also begun to expect it, so that helps.  And right now I'm pretty busy at work so that helps to keep me awake during the day!  I just miss spending time with Landon.  I don't get to do as much with Landon anymore because it's almost as if from the moment I get home, I'm nursing Liam all night.  Any advice out there??

But even though he's only been here 3 months, I can't imagine my life without him.  I look forward to that smile everyday.  I think Landon has already forgotten what life was like without him too.  I'm so blessed to have two handsome, healthy, loving boys and a wonderful husband!! 

PS - I'm also blessed and thankful to have awesome family members who help take care of me and my boys everyday.  I could not do it without the help of my family and I never say thank you enough! 

Now onto the monthly picture of our cute chunk...

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