Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Really?? Wow. Landon's personality has really started to develop. He likes to try and get into EVERYTHING. You can't leave anything out on the table or he will grab it. He likes to help with the laundry. He loves playing outside and running around. He likes to watch other children and always wants to share his drink with them. He is really into sticking his butt up in the air and showing off what he's learned in gym class. He's also still REALLY into watching Thomas the Train!!!!!!

He loves to throw things and he's started to hit some. We are working on what to throw and what not to throw, and we're also working on the hitting. One of his favorite things to do is aggravate Haley in any way possible. He likes to take his trucks and ram them at her, or throw toys at her, or hit her, or do whatever he can to make her run and jump. I'll fuss at Landon and then Haley thinks I'm fussing at her, poor dog.

He gives great hugs now. Sometimes he'll run to me when I get home from work and give me a hug. It's the Best. Thing. Ever. He's stacking blocks and putting together that stacking ring toy really well. He loves to put things back and remembers where they are supposed to go. The other day Chad told me he (Chad) put something back in the wrong place and Landon corrected him.

He takes one nap a day 95% of the time. He still goes to bed around 7 and wakes up around 7. That time will vary though. He wears mostly 12-18 month clothes, and we just switched to size 4 diapers even though he probably could still wear size 3 but not for much longer. He eats when he wants and loves to drink whatever you give him.

Happy 16 Month Birthday, Landon!! 

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