Sunday, May 29, 2011

30 Weeks!

Liam is a pretty flexible little guy.  And at 29 weeks he weighed 3lbs 5oz (90%) and his heart rate was 162!  He's growing really well and is a very active baby! :)

Things are going pretty well overall.  I have been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions.  And I mean everyday...sometimes for hours and hours at a time.  I think I need to rest more and drink more water, because when I do that it seems to help. 

I've gained around 22lbs!  I gained a total of 30 with Landon.  I really wanted to gain less with this pregnancy but I don't think it's going to turn out that way...

Right now we have a scheduled c-section set up for August 2, 2011!  Sounds like a neat birthday to me! :)  

Oh! ...and some may call me a failure.  Yep.  I failed the first glucose test for gestational diabetes.  So, I ended up having to take the long dreaded three hour test.......and  That was a horrible test.  I got there at 8:15am and wasn't able to eat until I left around noon.  I had to drink about a gallon of that sweet nasty drink and get my arm poked 4 times.  But...........I PASSED!  Yay!  No gestational diabetes for me! 

But I do have to say I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has been.  I keep thinking we have all the time in the world before Liam will arrive, when in reality we only have nine short weeks left.  During those nine weeks I want to savior each pregnancy moment.  I am one lucky woman to actually be able to somewhat enjoy pregnancy and all it has to offer.  It's amazing to me what the human body is capable of doing.  When I feel Liam hiccup, it makes me think about how incredible it is that my body is growing another human being.  The anticipation and excitement of a human life developing inside of me is sometimes overwhelming.  What will he look like?  I keep picturing Landon.  Will he be wild and crazy or calm and laid back?  Will he be a bad sleeper and a good eater, unlike Landon who is a great sleeper and a bad eater?  So many questions and things to think about during the next nine weeks.  Until then I am going to try and cherish all the good stuff that I can.  I absolutely love feeling him move around in my belly.  Sometimes I may complain, but 99% of the time I will stop what I'm doing if he's really having a good time in there, lay my hands on my belly, and try and distinguish what exactly that hard little body part pushing out against my belly it a foot? a hand? his head or his bottom? The feeling is indescribable and so reassuring.  I must say, when it comes down to it, I do love being pregnant :)

Here's a 30 week picture...yep, I did it....I wore a two piece at the pool...and I know I need a tan...desperately...

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