Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a nice visit this past weekend. I'm really glad we all went to see Granddaddy. Landon blew him kisses, waved to him and did all kinds of tricks for him.

Landon also had a lot of fun staying in a hotel.  He enjoyed running up and down the hallways and playing in the room.  When we first got there he did great and took a nice long nap in the bed.  We took his pack-n-play and had planned on him sleeping in there at night.  I have never slept with Landon in the bed.  Never been able to do it.  I worry too much to sleep.  Well after several unsuccessful attempts to put him in his pack-n-play, we decided to let him stay in the bed with us...this resulted in neither me nor Chad getting much sleep at all.  I was finally able to fall asleep for about 2 hours but that was all.  The child moved around constantly.  I'd get kicked and elbowed and grabbed every other minute, it seemed.  But Landon still woke up in a great mood, because he got plenty of sleep :) 

Our Hotel Room

When we came home we went over to the park and grilled out and played - the weather was perfect, the company was nice and it really topped off a good weekend.

Landon has started to line up his trucks and it's just pretty darn cute.  He concentrates when he does it and he's so serious about where they go...

And I can't believe I almost forgot to post this video...


  1. Aww you poor thing so I am sure you had Liam kicking and elbowing you on the inside and Landon on the outside! Oh the joys of sleeping with a toddler.

  2. what a cute vid. its always the simplest things that make them laugh so hard!