Thursday, May 5, 2011

Liam Update!

We saw Liam on the ultrasound today! Doctor said baby was growing well so far.

Liam at 26 weeks 3-6 days (my due date has changed often):
2lbs 4oz
Heartbeat 152

They did confirm I do have a velamentous cord insertion.  Basically the cord is not going into the center of the placenta like it normally's going in at the side along where the membrane is located. It's not down near the cervix which is good. It's up top. But the cord is going into the membrane and not just the placenta which isn't really good, but they said they will continue to monitor me and I'll have some more ultrasounds. So far though Liam seems to be growing well and doing fine.  One concern from this is that the baby sometimes doesn't get as much nutrients since the cord is going into the membrane.  But the Doctor seemed calm about it all. I feel good about trusting them. He even drew me a picture to explain what was going on. I think the problem can come when I start contracting a lot because it could cause the cord to rupture (knocked loose, become separated). So at this point I have to have a c-section even if I didn't want another one.  Plus Liam is breech...although he does have time to move (if that mattered).

He's a very flexible little guy one point he was looking at us and his knee was right next to his you can see his foot and it's actually right next to his head:

And here's a scary picture of his face...It looks like he's cheesing ...haha:

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