Friday, July 22, 2011

21 Months!

Landon turns 21 months old today!!  I think he has changed the most in the past month.    He LOVES to talk.  Everything he says now is practically at least 2 word 'sentences'.  He says things I didn't even realize he knew how to put together.  One really cute thing he did the other day was point at one of his cheeks and said "cheek!" then pointed to his other cheek and said "more cheek!".  haha.  

He is still mostly wearing 18 month clothes, some 12 month clothes, and sleeps in 24 month PJ's.  He is wearing size 5 diapers but could probably still wear size 4.  He still LOVES his tractors, trucks and trains.   He also still really likes Toy Story.  He has started to get upset when he sees other people cry or get upset on the TV...he'll start to make this face where he almost closes his eyes and then he may or may not actually cry.  

He looooves his family and gets so excited to see everyone.  He's not afraid to leave mommy and daddy and go stay with family for a few hours/days.  He talks about everyone when they are not around and wants us to acknowledge every word he says or he will just keep on repeating the same thing over and over until you do :)  

He still isn't a great eater but he's growing and we do what we can.  He never has any issues drinking things though.  He likes to visit the house and he calls it "Mama House, Dada House, Landon House, Haley House, Lee-um House!"  He knows Liam is a baby and I think he even knows his name is Liam but I don't know if he realizes Liam is his brother or not but he does acknowledge him and has already put him into his nighttime/naptime routine of people he must kiss before he goes to bed. Liam has only been in the house for about a day now so we haven't had the chance to really see the boys interact but so far what we have seen has been mostly positive.  

Also, having Liam has made us come to realize Landon is most certainly NOT a baby AT ALL anymore and is all boy!  It's a happy but also a sad moment.  He's really growing up.....

Landon got another haircut!

He also got to play with his girlfriend Joelle :)

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  1. My nephew is not a good eater, but he too will drink anything, so my sister makes him smoothies with veggies, fruit, and that is how her gets his nutrients most days. But he loves them! Thought I would share...