Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We had an appointment on Tuesday for Liam.  I think it gets harder and harder to tell what things are in the ultrasounds now that Liam is bigger.  He's still handsome though :)  He weighed 6lbs (76% percentile) and his heartbeat was 142.  He's doing great and really looking good.  

I get hooked to a machine every time I go to my appointments now (weekly) and they test my contractions.  I was still contracting but not enough to send me to the hospital or for them to really worry.  The doctor checked me and I am now 1 cm dilated.  He said everything else looks great though.  Liam does really well through the contractions.  Right now he wants me to continue taking the medicine that helps stop the contractions.  He also said they consider 36 weeks full term and since I'll be 36 weeks this weekend, then I can stop taking the medicine, and then whatever happens, happens!  If I go into labor prior to my scheduled c-section on August 2nd then when I arrive at the hospital they will just do a c-section right when I get there.  I hope little man stays in and keeps on cooking though.  While, I'm really excited to meet him, I also want him to be extra healthy! :)

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