Saturday, July 2, 2011

No power!

Our last night at the beach was eventful.  We had a really bad storm and at about 10pm our power went off at the beach house.  Of course the big thunder woke Landon up and he had to crawl in bed with Mama for a minute or two.  It didn't take him long to fall back asleep though.  We woke up the next morning and the power still wasn't on.  We didn't want to waste our last day there so we still headed out to the beach hoping it'd be back on by the time we got back.  Turns out that was the case!  The power got cut back on around 11:30am.  

I just knew by the time we were leaving Landon would finally warm up to the beach.  He really ended up enjoying himself out there and hopefully next time he goes he'll remember how much fun he had. 

Go here to view all of the pictures from our beach trip. 

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